Ahh. The all-amazing, leg-busting, ass-shaping exercise. As you can imagine (or probably know), squats are done in pretty much the same way you would squat down to take a shit. Or when you’re about to sit down in a chair :-D  It targets multiple muscle-groups at the same time (that’s why it’s called a “compound exercise“) including the legs, lower back and butt. There are variations of the squats that can be performed that focus more on different muscle-groups ie. the Sumo squat which focuses more on the hamstrings (rear thigh), inner thighs and glutes (ass) and less on the lower back, making it a suitable alternative for people with weak backs. However, this video article is about showing you how to perform the squat correctly & safely so you don’t injure yourself (trust me, lower back injuries are a BITCH).

Key points to remember:

  • place the bar on your shoulders & traps, not the neck!
  • have your feet about shoulder width apart
  • start with a weight you can handle (this is a no-brainer)
  • keep your chest high
  • push your hips back as you lower yourself (try going as deep as possible)
  • push through your heels as if you were pushing the earth down (I feel the earth… move… under my feet :-D)
  • SQUEEZE THAT ASS to bring yourelf back up to the starting position

So, here it is:


1. The Rear-Loaded Squat


I wish you the best of luck & look forward to seeing you with those celebrity legs & pornstar butts :-D  If you have any comments, questions, feel free to post them in the comment boxes below and I’ll get back to you ASAP :-)

Stay tuned for the next video article where we’ll talk about another squat variation: the Sumo squat. A great exercise that targets the glutes (ass), hamstrings (rear thigh) and inner thighs. The women are gonna love this ;-)

To your bodybuilding success :-)


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The deadlift. Probably the exercise that most people shy away from. Why? Coz it can be very fucking hard to do. But the deadlift shouldn’t scare any of you. It is one of the 3 core compound exercises that hits your legs, glutes, back, arms and even the shoulders. A total body workout if you will. But just like any exercise, proper form and technique is important if you wanna maximize muscle gains and minimize chances of serious injury.

Key points to remember:

  • keep feet about shoulder width apart, toes pointing out slightly
  • hands just outside of shoulder width
  • pinch your shoulder blades back and down (not back & up like when you do shrugs)
  • keep your back straight throughout and your head facing down
  • squeeze your glutes



I hope this video article has given you what you need to properly do this exercise. Just wanna point out that this can be very dangerous if not performed with the correct form and technique. So before you start adding weights, practice the movements with either a barbell or PVC pipe until you get the fluid motion.

Stay tuned for the next video article where we’re gonna talk about another great compound exercise: SQUATS.

Again, to your bodybuilding success :-)

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Incline Chest Press

Hi, guys. I hope you’ve been enjoying the videos in the series so far. This one is about another type of chest press which is the Incline Chest Press. This is similar in terms of the movement but slightly different because of the angle of the push. With this one, instead of a flat bench, you would use a slight incline where the head is higher than the rest of the body. The angle of the bench has to be right, though. Too high, and you will target more of the shoulders. So before you do the exercise, test out the right angle first.

Key points to remember:

  • adjust the bench to the correct angle
  • do not lift your butt off the bench. Squeezing your glutes helps keep it on.
  • have your elbows closer to the body. Do not flare them out coz it can damage your rotator cuffs.
  • just like the Flat Bench Chest Press, squeeze your traps/dig them into the pad


1. Incline Barbell Chest Press


2. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press


I hope these videos help. If you have any comments, post them in the comment boxes below. Stay tuned for the next video article in this series where I will show you how the Deadlifts are done.

Again, to your bodybuilding success :-)

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Flat Bench Chest Press

Hi, workoutaholics (I know that sounds dumb but who cares). This video is the second in the “Compound Exercise or Isolation Movements” video series. A favorite compound exercise of every guy in the gym, the chest press tops the to-do list. But as in all exercises, the correct form is important. Not only will this ensure you don’t get injured, but also to maximize muscle recruitment and growth.

Key points to remember:

  • squeeze your traps/dig them into the bench to maximize chest muscle recruitment instead of the shoulders
  • never go below 90 degrees
  • inhale on the way down, and exhale on the way up
  • always complete the rep before racking (barbell chest press)

Without wasting anymore time, here are the videos:

1. Dumbbell Chest Press

2. Barbell Chest Press

I hope this video article helps in getting you a bigger, fuller chest. If you have any comments, again feel free to post them in the comment boxes below.

Stay tuned for the next video article which will show you how to do the Incline Barbell/Dumbbell Chest Press.

To your bodybuilding success :-)

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Compound Exercises or Isolation Movements?

Compound exercises? Isolation movements? What the hell are they??? If you are new to bodybuilding, I wouldn’t be surprised you asked those. I did when I first started out. And as most newbies, I was only interested in the quickest & most effective ways to build my arms, my legs, my chest, etc… I was always looking for videos that showed things like “The Best Way To Build Massive Arms”or “The Quickest Way To Massive Legs” and all that shit.

The things is, building a healthy, chiselled body takes time. A lot of time. People go through years of trial & error, disappointments, pain, sweat and blood before they got that ‘beach body’. It’s all about perseverance through all the failures and identifying what works. The rule of thumb is that whatever works for other people, may not necessarily work for you. Why? Coz we are all made different.

One of the first things I discovered was that there are different types of exercises that work different muscle groups at the same time and also those that worked only a particular one. That is what this post is about. To show you the difference between these two types of movements.

Compound Movements

Compound movements are exercises that work different muscle groups all at the same time. Some of these are considered the Holy Grail of bodybuilding. So important that you can never not have them in your routine.

Compound movements are a good starting point for beginners as they allow for the body to gradually and progressively adjust to the stress of building muscle in the gym. And it always feels like a total body workout. And when it comes to adding mass, that slab of meat on your chest for example, compound movements like the barbell/dumbbell bench presses are a must! The most basic (and important) exercises include:

  1. Bench press
  2. Deadlift
  3. Squats

I would go on to include:

  1. Military or shoulder presses
  2. Dumbbell and cable flyes (for the chest)
  3. Side and front raises (for the shoulders and traps)
  4. Bent-over barbell rows (back, traps and lats)

Isolation Movements

Isolation exercises are exercises that do not incorporate other muscle groups. The whole intention is to concentrate the stress (or isolate it) to only a particular body part. Some of the most widely used isolation movements are:

  1. Preacher curl (biceps)
  2. Wrist curls (forearms)
  3. French press (triceps)
  4. Machine squats (legs)

So, what do you do if you’re new? Well, results matter. Anybody who has trained will tell you to start off with the basic compound movements. Get your strength level up, then when you’ve got the mass, you can go ahead with the isolation movements.

Perfect form is also important. If it is too heavy, then drop the ego and drop the weight. Otherwise you risk permanently injuring yourself and dashing your hopes of a healthier body. I can’t recall how many times I almost laughed out loud after seeing someone perform an exercise too heavy and their body getting twisted like a pretzel.

Watch the video below so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Stay tuned for the next videos which will show how the basic compound movements are done.

And again, to your bodybuilding success :-)

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